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August 18, 2015, 05:19 PM

Industrial chic design trend still popular

By Shirley Kay

Polished reclaimed industrial factory lights Architectural Forum

Industrial drawers V&V Reclamation
Vintage green industrial metal cafe chairs Heavenly Metal
Pine industrial workbench Bygones

London West, UK - The industrial chic style trend is showing no sign of going away. Maybe because it is often practical and built to last. Sienna Miller's interior designer, Mirva Yoshinari supports this view and, with three boys, finds industrial items to be very durable, so great for families with kids.

Genuine antique and vintage industrial pieces will last and withstand those bumps better than reproductions, while also adding a piece of history to a home.

The complete industrial style of exposed brick, pipes, and reclaimed wood may not suit every home but a few pieces can work well with most interiors. Industrial items can either be spread around or styled together to give greater impact. It is best to go for genuine original items of industrial furniture or accessories to achieve real industrial style which does not have to be expensive either - just add one or two beautifully aged letters to the wall and it will instantly add that industrial touch. Letters can even be used as headboards.

See items currently for sale on SalvoWEB. Reclaimed wood and metal recrafted and repurposed is also available for sale on SalvoWEB. See the images for examples of industrial items for sale on SalvoWEB. Salvowebpins on Pinterest may give inspiration on the industrial chic and salvage wedding boards.

See the links below for further industrial inspiration. Firstly from the industrial chic Victorian terrace of Mirva Yoshinari, London and secondly from the vintage industrial home and cafe of Elisa Marshall and Benjamin Sormonte, New York featured on the Scandinavian home blog.

Heavenly Metal

Bygones (Prev Kent Reclamation)

V&V Reclamation

Architectural Forum

The Telegraph: Interiors: A Victorian terrace with industrial-chic style
Scandinavian Home Blog: A beautiful vintage industrial home and cafe

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