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August 11, 2015, 06:53 PM

In the pink with Style Salvo

By Sara Morel

Antique Saracolin marble fireplace surround © Architectural Forum

1950s Light shade: Retrouvius & Pink Bathroom For Sale on SalvoWEB © Style Salvo & SalvoWEB
1960s chairs for sale on SalvoWEB © SalvoWEB
Pink loo roll Paris © style Salvo

London West, UK - Blushing pink bog roll in a Bon Marché sale bag. Nothing screams sophistication like that. However, pink is rolling out a repositioning strategy that will have us all seeing its sophisticated side by the time autumn leaves fall. Staying at a friend of a friend's apartment in Paris, we were pretty certain the pink toilet paper was not his, but instead a purchase of an earlier guest. I am normally one for the white recycled quilted variety, yet the reclaimed bathroom in our Parisian apartment made the pink toilet paper look like a style choice.

See some of my pink salvaged and antique inspirations of le moment.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Style Salvo: Roll out the pink

Story Type:  Feature

ID: 91003

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