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July 18, 2012, 05:41 PM

If it's too good to be true...

By Peter Watson

Gloucestershire, UK - Just before Salvo Fair and I use this as a date line, not because the fair had anything to do with what follows, I received an email from a Mr. Reuben James [oguntt(at)gmail(dot)com] expressing an interest in buying a pair of substantial arched oak doors listed on our website at 2750. Things are looking up, I thought but then had second thoughts as in the same email Mr. Reuben James asked who he should make payment to and where it should be sent. No "can you do a better price?" or "what condition are they?" or "can you arrange delivery?". Strange but worth a go, after all chunky sales like this are few and far between these days.

So I duly replied to Mr.Reuben James and it slipped my mind as I and many others, manfully (or should that be peoplefully these days?) grappled with the challenging weather conditions at the Salvo Fair during "The Big Wet" as I have taken to calling this summer. A couple of days after returning to dry land, I received an encouraging email from Mr. Reuben James saying that he was definitely going to buy these doors but as he was on site most of the time it would take a few more days before he could get a cheque raised by the trustees of The Ashville Group of Schools so please be patient. I dutifully replied to Mr. Reuben James that I would indeed be patient.

A week goes by and Mr. Reuben James reports in that he has one signature and hopes to get the other in a day or so and will Fedex it to me. Two days pass and Mr. Reuben James emails again, this time with a Fedex tracking no. which I dutifully trace and sure enough there is a consignment on its way to me .... from Nigeria, no less. As Nigeria seems to be the source of all scams I wait anxiously to see what turns up. Next day there it is, a cheque made out in my favour not for 2750.- but 12,750. "Wow, Jack pot!" thinks I for a brief moment. "I'm rich. I wonder how long it will be before Mr. Reuben James asks for his 10,000 back? ". Three and a half hours is the answer! It's Mr. Reuben James on the phone himself and so apologetic that his colleagues have made a mistake and could I refund the overpayment? "Of course I can once the cheque is cleared and will he let me know where to send it? "

In the meantime I have phoned the College in Harrogate who's stolen cheque is being used and who confirm that this has been going on for the past couple of months. Police and their bank are aware. I have contacted our local police who aren't really interested as I haven't suffered a loss. They put me in touch with a web site ActionFraud.police, a site which collects and collates information on all types of fraud and is presumably programmed to group frauds together to find common denominators.

I'm still waiting for Mr.Reuben James to let me know where to send his money. Can I suggest that any dealers who have arched doors for sale, send photos and prices to Mr. Reuben James on oguntt(at)gmail(dot)com or indeed they may like to give him a call on 07024 017493 he's very communicative.

What is scary is that after all the publicity, these guys are still trying out these scams which worryingly indicates that every now and then they get a hit.

New scam - accidentally paying for more items than were invoiced

Cox's Yard

Action Fraud website

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