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April 09, 2015, 06:21 PM

Hunter wellies ready for Antiques Young Guns

By Sara Morel

Oxfordshire, UK - One eye on a pair of Hunter Originals, one eye on the largest architectural salvage fair and I am cross-eyed with excitement for the festival season ahead.

The Salvo Fair sounds like salvage mecca, bringing dealers and designers from around the UK, Europe and beyond to showcase antiques, salvage, reclaimed materials and upcycled treasures. This year will be my first Salvo Fair and with other antiques fairs appearing in my calendar since undertaking the renovation of my flat, I am thinking more field style than street style. The moment Kate Moss wore Hunter wellies at Glastonbury muddied the idea that one should wear Hunters with ones tweed rather than shorts and a glittery gold tunic.

Like a pair of denim cut-offs, Antiques Young Guns are dispelling the myth that antiques are for oldies and bringing new style to the antiques industry. AYG aims to recognise, promote and help mentor young people in the trade and Salvo have teamed up with them to get young exhibitors at this summer's Salvo Fair with a competition for a free stand. Sounds like exciting field style indeed.

This year's Salvo Fair is at Sir William McAlpine's private estate, Fawley Hill, Henley-on-Thames, Friday 26th June (trade day) and Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th June 2015.

Are you an AYG member? Check out the competition before 17th April 2015.

Are you a young gun in the antiques trade? Check out how to get involved here

Or like me, taking your first steps into the world of antiques and salvage? Buy tickets now to receive a discount on the gate price.

Hopefully see you at the Salvo Fair. I will be the woman taking a salvage selfie #salvie in my Hunter wellies.

by our guest blogger, StyleSalvo

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Salvo Fair: AYG competition - 1st Prize a free pitch at Salvo Fair
Antiques Young Guns: How to get involved

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