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October 01, 2015, 12:24 PM

Historische Bauelemente of Marwitz 25th birthday celebration

By Thornton Kay

Google got it wrong - should read 25% off everything

Moulded masonry tiles with tooled margins and reticulation [photo © HB
c1900 Eiffel lattice girders [photo © HB

Brandenburg, Germany - Historische Bauelemente of Marwitz is holding a 25th birthday party with free beer and sausages, as well as 25% discount on everything - at least that's what the translation looks like.

Historische Bauelemente was started in 1990 after reunification with the former East Germany GDR on a large former state recycled materials facility in Eichstädt located on the northern Berlin motorway ring. In 1997 the firm moved north to Marwitz to a 23,000sqm former agricultural cooperative with four large industrial buildings.

Historische Bauelemente or baustoffe, literally historic building elements or materials, is a generic German language term for architectural salvage, which is what the firm dealt in, helping to shape the post-war landscape of the GDR and recovering from the legacies of the Soviet occupation. Historic elements and antiques from Renaissance to Bauhaus were collected daily and made available to interested collectors and builders for new projects available.

Now customers from around the world come to our customer get togethers in spring, summer, and Christmas to view latest stocks, processes, upcycled products and trends including our Bodenbau tables made from reclaimed wood for private and commercial customers.

The Jubilee invitation (see link below) includes the following passage (translated by Google) from Der Stechlin, a late nineteenth century novel by Theodore Fontane

It may now well be twenty years, since he was one day reading in the newspaper about an Englishman who collect historical doors and recently even for enormous sum, I think there were a thousand pounds, the prison door had risen, by Louis XVI. and then later Danton and Robespierre guillotining to have been discharged. And this note made such an impression on our loveable Stechlin Castle Lord, that he decided to create even those historical door collection. But he is not far gotten away with it and had to be content with the Küstriner castle window, stood at the Crown Prince Frederick, as Katte was passed out to a Beheading ...
... Besides doubted window Countess will still find a few fantastic rain gutters and especially many weather vanes, which were taken down by the old Brandenburg steeples. ...

No idea what this is about … but best wishes from SalvoNEWS to Olaf Elias and his team.

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Historische Bauelemente is a member of the German architectural salvage trade association Unternehmerverband Historische Baustoffe eV

Unternehmerverband Historische Baustoffe

Historische Bauelemente

We're happy to welcome you!

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