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March 16, 2017, 03:24 PM

Heritage home and fashions at Vintage Vauxhall

By Sara Morel

Vintage Vauxhall ęStyle Salvo

Retrouvius at Vintage Vauxhall ęStyle Salvo
The Workshop London location of Vintage Vauxhall ęStyle Salvo
Vauxhall Bridge ęStyle Salvo

London South West, UK - Vintage Vauxhall launched onto the market calendar last Sunday 12th March and will continue on the second Sunday of each month. Having established BathVA Vintage & Decorative Antiques Market, a brand amongst the Georgian city's independent shopping scene, founder Naomi Knight has collected a range of UK and European dealers to exhibit in Vauxhall.

Located in the London Fire Brigade's former workshops, the event space is part of the new vision for Vauxhall, building on its heritage to attract culture and community. The re-emergence of the area is also helped by the new American Embassy and the extension of the Northern Tube line to Battersea. Buyers awaiting the completion of their Vauxhall by Versace apartments are yet to arrive, but Vintage Vauxhall looks set to attract homemakers from all over. Me for example, a DFWL (down from west London) who never noticed the beauty of the bronze statues on Vauxhall Bridge until last weekend. Buffing up my knowledge of the bridge, I learnt the Grade II listed steel and granite structure opened in 1906. Replacing the early 19th century bridge, originally known as Regent Bridge, a gateway for more visitors to attractions like Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

Heritage is fashionable, we take comfort in the tried and trusted, objects of quality and provenance. Today Vauxhall has an exciting Gallery District, it is home to LASSCO Brunswick House and residents like author and antiques specialist Mark Hill and Philip Reicherstorfer, owner of the restaurant COUNTER, who both helped Naomi Knight make Vintage Vauxhall happen.

A destination for those seeking some ethical shopping and something individual that won't break the bank, the next Vintage Vauxhall is on Sunday 9th April 2017.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Vintage Vauxhall

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