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June 01, 2016, 10:26 AM

Hats off to women with Ohmega Salvage

By Sara Morel

Light shades Ohmega Salvage Style Salvo

Reclaimed sinks Ohmega Salvage Style Salvo
Clawfoot tubs Ohmega Salvage Style Salvo

California, USA - Had I been wearing a hat, I would have tipped it in respect for Katherine Davis, the owner of Ohmega Salvage. This week I was interviewed by the SalvoWEB team for their Hats off to Women series in the countdown to this year's Salvo Fair. Celebrating women working with reclaimed materials, me and other women buying, selling, styling and writing about salvage were asked how we relax and unwind. It was then that I realised I haven't been on holiday in the last year without seeking a local salvage yard.

When I was in San Francisco I lost myself for a few hours at Ohmega Salvage for their styled salvage, a yard of baths and these trough sinks circa 1960. I scrolled their blog and found a useful guide to painting a bathtub for those contemplating a salvaged clawfoot. See the link below.

Ohmega salvage is a leading supplier of restoration materials to architects, contractors, and homeowners. Their goal is to save architectural materials that are still useful to others and essential to authentic restoration projects; as well as to save resources in a world burdened with too much landfill. See their Salvo US directory link for more information.

Follow the Style Salvo lifestyle blog for her journey into a more sustainable existence and for the full story of her reclaimed renovation.

For any potential buyers out there the reclaimed sinks would look great in restaurants, hotels, bars or gardens. I have seen a a similar sink beautifully reused in a ladies restroom in a bar in Notting Hill, London. Ohmega Salvage has confirmed their past life and prices below:

'They are trough sinks reclaimed from our state capitol Sacramento, CA. They came from a maintenance facility for Cal Trans. Cal Trans is the state agency that oversees all of California's roads, highways and bridges. This facility is used to maintain trucks and equipment. All of the sinks were in a very large bathroom. They allowed a whole shift of workers to wash up at once. The bathroom was undergoing a complete remodel and the contractor brought them down and sold them to us. They sell for $1,200 to $1,500 depending on condition.'

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Ohmega Salvage

Style Salvo lifestyle reclaimed renovation blog/ About me
Ohmega Salvage: Painting the outside of your vintage clawfoot tub

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