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July 12, 2012, 09:42 PM

Hail Satan

By Lawrence Skilling

Surrey, UK - This is a church somewhere up North. To the best of our knowledge this is yet another classic English Heritage/Victorian Society/Dumb Council situation where a perfectly good building is allowed to decay, be vandalised and then eventually be torched by the local youth.

The way this works is quite simple. The owner of the church (or whatever) is not allowed to do anything at all to the property. They cannot sell the contents. They cannot redevelop in any way. All they are allowed to do is completely restore their unwanted, unusable building for a purpose that no-one wants any more. As these owners often do not have any more money and no developer will touch a place which is so restricted, the building will then sit empty, often for years. Squatted, an eyesore, the sort of place where children can either injure themselves if young; or do drugs if they are older. A good place for rats, garbage and the dead hand of bureaucracy. Destruction through fire is usually the only way things are resolved. Meanwhile, thousands of pounds of stained glass, carvings, furniture, architectural features are lost. All because some out of touch drone knows he cannot get into trouble by saying 'no'.

Antique Church Furnishings

Church Antiques: Hail Satan

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