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April 10, 2017, 04:12 PM

Guitars made from firehouse wood

By Shirley Kay

Old Detroit firehouse [ photo New Atlas

Detroit fire dept model [photo Wallace Detroit Guitars

Michigan, USA - Reclaimed wood has become a fashion for limited edition runs of guitars like Fender, Gibson and PRS, (Paul Reed Smith). The tone of vintage reclaimed wood is considered by many to be especially warm and rich and of course unique. No two guitars will be alike.

Vintage guitars have always been treasured because as the wood in the body ages it becomes lighter and more responsive and so more resonant. In fact Yamaha convinced that aged wood had such superior tone producing qualities that they developed an accelerated ageing process known as Acoustic Resonance Enhancement Technology. Plus the Red Special, responsible for most of Queen's guitar riffs was made from reclaimed wood. Brian May designed and built it with his father, in 1963 using wood from an old fireplace mantel.

Now Wallace Detroit Guitars is handcrafting a limited edition series of guitars from the old Detroit firehouse. Each guitar body will be made from either maple or pine from the old floorboards. They will all be engraved with a special serial number starting with Detroit area code 313 followed by DFD (Detroit Fire Department). They feel it is a particular honour to be able to preserve history with truly unique limited edition instruments.

The neoclassical building designed by Hans Gehrke, built in 1929 had been the fire departments's headquarters until 2013. Now developed as a boutique hotel which is due to open in May. The hotel has changed to a modern feel but has reused some of the old building's firehouse features such as the red arched doors and historic glazed brick tiles.

New Atlas: Old wood salvaged from Detroit firehouse used for very limited run guitars
Wallace Detroit Guitars

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