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November 28, 2012, 04:06 PM

Growing appreciation of industrial chic

By Thornton Kay

Saxon Durrant's Metroretro at Salvo Fair 2012 [photo Salvo

Hertfordshire, UK - 'Where to source the look? Happy hours can be spent scouring fairs and markets obviously, auctions and for industrial in particular, specialist auction houses such as Norfolk's T W Gaze and the annual Salvo Fair,' writes Joan Porter in this week's Antiques Trade Gazatte.

'Reclamation yards are still a rich source of rusting old benches and iron decorative objects which, with imagination and flair, can be restored to things of beauty they once were.'

The three page spread has sections on Saxon Durrant of Metroretro in Essex, and Mark Jameson of Trinity Marine in Exeter, as well as The Old Cinema home to a selection of eclectic repurposing by Guy Trench of Antiques by Design, all of which have pitched out at Salvo Fair.

'Ever since the 1990s,' she writes, 'when brick walls and exposed ceilings of warehouse living became cool, there's been a growing appreciation of industrial chic. And anything labelled vintage has fed off this and become ultra-fashionable '

The look is even older. Since the 1970s salvage yards have been selling modern scrap such as factory green enamel lampshades, upcycled chunky tables made from scaffold trestles, old dentist's chairs, and school labtop work surfaces. It is just that the rest of the world now seems to be catching up.

Metroretro Ltd

Trinity Marine

Salvo Fair

Antiques By Design Ltd

Antiques Trade Gazette

Salvo Fair - June 2013 - Knebworth

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