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November 15, 2012, 10:01 AM

Grimbergen museum's 'Save the Bread Ovens' campaign and archive

By Thornton Kay

Brabant Brussels, Belgium - Historic bread ovens in Belgium are a separate building type, and are now being recorded by a museum of rural life before they disappear, collapse, or are demolished. Some seem to be in good repair and cherished locally, and a few are still used to demonstrate baking.

The museum now has an archive of 3,742 extant or demolished bread ovens known locally as 'fours pains' (Walloon) or 'bakovens' (Flemish). The Museum writes:

Baking ovens are threatened. Knowledge of how to build and use old bread ovens is being lost. The museum is trying to stop them from disappearing with its campaign to 'Save the ovens!' We are providing information on old bread ovens, tips to use them, restore and even how to build them from new.

We also work on an online inventory of preserved and disappeared ovens. Do you live near an old oven? Do you know people who have one built or restored? Then send your information to the museum and help a part of our heritage.

Our internship 'Build your oven' allows participants to learn practically how to build one and the tricks of the trade. The use of the oven can be experienced during a baking demonstration.

The Museum voor de Oudere Technieken is spread over three buildings in Grimbergen, north of Brussels. Guldendal exhibits woodworking, washing and ironing, and tools and two working watermills, the Liermolen and Tommenmolen, shows the link between diet and technology. Another Grimbergen tourist attraction is the Abbey where hospitable monks first started brewing beer in the 12th century to give to visitors, and where there is now a museum devoted to the famed Grimbergen Abbey beers.

Museum Voor De Oudere Technieken

MOT: Red de bakovens

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