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June 10, 2015, 01:11 PM

Gorgeous garden houses for sale at Salvo Fair

By Ruby Hazael

Left: Ronsons Reclamation garden house hand-built using salvage. Right: Rob Thomas's 1930's restored summerhouse, both coming to Salvo Fair 2015 [photos Ronson Reclamation and Rob Thomas Reclamation

Oxfordshire, UK - Two beautiful garden houses are coming to Salvo Fair this year. The first is a 1930s summerhouse rescued from the garden of a large country manor near Basingstoke and sensitively restored by Rob Thomas Reclamation in Wales. It will be for sale at Salvo Fair for 10,500. The second is handmade from reclaimed materials and architectural salvage by Gloucestershire's largest reclamation yard Ronson Reclamation. The twelve week project was completed over many months in quiet periods and is for sale at 25,000.

Both wonderful buildings will form part of the Tiny Salvaged Spaces exhibition at Salvo Fair, which aims to showcase all the different types of small buildings and vehicles that can be used outside of the home for inside living purposes. In the US Tiny Houses are all the rage, with a growing number of people choosing to build and live in very small spaces which are efficient in terms of materials and energy costs and often have ingenious storage capabilities.

Most of the exhibits in the Tiny Salvaged Spaces exhibition at Salvo Fair are adaptable and could be used for guest bedrooms, home offices, children's sleepovers, relaxing garden spaces, party and festival accommodation, studios and small workshops.

Other structures include LASSCO's tin tabernacle made by Love Lane Caravans, Cronin Reclamation's blue sunflower corbelled living wagon, Old Radiator Company's stylish vintage showman's wagon complete with shower and English Rose kitchen, James O'Donnell's gothic garden house and Fawley Hill's own Royal Carriages previously owned and used by Her Majesty, Prince Charles and Princess Ann. Other possibles include a restored gothic porch hut, a Lincolnshire clover huller house from Elham Antiques and a miniature shepherds hut from Lynda North Antiques.

The smallest exhibit is an ironic one by Molly and Maud's Place from Yorkshire, described by owner Karen as a 'splendid and crowdpleasing Victorian bier cart or coffin carrier - very small living space indeed!' and for sale at Salvo Fair for 1,550.

Salvo Fair will be held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June with Trade Day on Friday 26th June. Admission is 15 on Trade Day and 9 on the weekend. Fawley's steam train will be running for rides on the Sunday at an extra cost of 5.

Salvo Fair, Fawley Hill, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 6JA - 50 mins from West London.

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Ronson Reclaim

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