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June 06, 2017, 12:14 PM

Going Zero waste with Kathryn Kellogg and Douglas McMaster

By Shirley Kay

Sentimental minimalist Going zero waste

Silo at Salvo

California, USA - Zero waste is a philosophy and a lifestyle more and more people are becoming interested in. For those of you who are tempted to dip their toes in the water blogs are a good place to start learning about the experience from others who have already taken the step to make reuse a priority.

Defined by the ZWIA, Zero Waste International Alliance as an ethical, economical, efficient and visionary goal zero waste has become a challenge which millennials in particular have taken on with relish.

One leading zero waste advocate is blogger, Kathryn Kellogg still in her twenties, her own fascinating journey into a zero waste lifestyle has been recorded on the blog 'Going Zero Waste'. After moving to California she was shocked to see all of the litter and plastic in the ocean and she made a decision to stop buying plastic. It then felt like a natural progression to continue on the path to a more sustainable existence. She has endured criticism but continues to maintain a great joy, passion and confidence in her life choices. She began the blog in 2015 and it remains just as fresh in 2017. Her recent blog about being a sentimental minimalist and buying things that are made to last makes a great read. See the link below to Kathryn's website and the blog at goingzerowaste(dot)com

We may not all be up for a complete lifestyle change but we can all think about reuse and consider what we buy and ultimately throw away. Consider buying with reuse in mind. Choose genuine antique, reclaimed and vintage items. Cook real meals with fresh vegetables and fruit rather than instant meals. Carry a reusable coffee cup and a cloth bag for those impulse purchases. Source products sold in and companies using compostable packaging. Enjoy the challenge and have fun thinking of new ways to save the planet. Comments and suggestions welcome.

The UK's first zero waste restaurant, Silo won The Observer Food award for Britain's best ethical restaurant. Silo is all about the desire to create good food with respect for the environment. Their war on on waste includes a giant composting machine that uses a special culture of bacteria to break down most food waste within twenty four hours producing a nutrient intense compost which can then be used to grow more food. Although Silo founder and chef, Douglas McMaster feels the attraction for zero waste comes mainly from its simplicity. He has proven zero waste does not mean boring and can be an amazing taste experience.

Read more about about Silo chef, Douglas McMaster's views on the zero waste trend in an interview with Country & Town House on the link below and taste his delicious two course menu at the Silo at Salvo pop-up restaurant.

The Silo at Salvo menu includes The Contemporary Calzone, Silo's most popular object of desire. Named for its similar features to the Italian Calzone, their contemporary version is made with the legendary Silo sourdough. Freshly milled heritage flour, slowly fermented for flavour and good digestion. Encapsulated inside will be braised unctuous lumps of soft venison as the omnivorous stuffing. For the herbivores, it will be filled with curried plant-based deliciousness. Followed by Pirate chocolate fondant. Silo's greatest ecological achievement. This transatlantic emission free chocolate is, of course, a giant leap for sustainability. All washed down with a drink from the Old Tree botanical brewery.

Do not miss out and pre book your Weekend Ticket to the Original architectural salvage fair, Salvo with chef Douglas McMaster's lunch in the Silo at Salvo restaurant styled by vintage furniture house Metroretro at salvofair(dot)com

SALVO 2O17: Weekend Fair dates: Sat 24th and Sun 25th June.
Venue: Sir William and Lady McAlpine's private estate, Fawley Hill, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK. The Salvo Fair entrance is from Icehouse Lane, RG9 3AP.

Silo Brighton

Old Tree

Salvo Fair

Going Zero Waste
Country & Town House: The Zero Waste Food Trend: What You Need to Know

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