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October 31, 2013, 03:14 PM

Fred Shapiro (1952 - 2013)

By Thornton Kay

New York, USA - Fred Shapiro was a an oncologist from New York City who set up Silver Fox Salvage in Albany. He also wrote songs and played a mean blues harmonica.

In 2006, shortly before retiring as an oncologist, he started Silver Fox Salvage in a 10,000 sqft premises in the Warehouse District of Albany in upstate New York. In 2011 he opened a branch of Silver Fox in Los Angeles which specialised in reclaimed barn-salvage and large timber beams, and these supplied the joinery workshop at Albany with reclaimed lumber and in exchange there would be regular shipments of smaller architectural stock from Albany to Los Angeles. The wood was resawn for flooring and wainscot, with the more damaged pieces sold as 'Gnawed By Nature'.

Camille Gibeau, his longtime friend and cofounder of Silver Fox Salvage, told All Over Albany that Fred always had an interest in salvage, possibly because he grew up with so little. He could always turn nothing into something, she said. Apart from song-writing and playing with Mojo Lightning, he was a motorcycle racer, had a book-selling business for a while and even played in unicycle basketball.

Daniel Moone wrote that in 2002 he replied to a post from Fred on a musician website for a 'harmonica player songwriter looking to jam'. Daniel wrote, 'He kicked ass on harp. I worked up some chords and melodies and we had some good original blues songs in the bag We then got Mojo Lightning together. We used to rehearse at this warehouse in Rensselear where Fred had been running an ebay business 'tuggonyx' named after his dogs. It was full of all these architectural estate pieces he had and sounded awesome. We had some great gigs including the 2004 Blues Festival at the Empire State Plaza and the Egg, and the 2005 Festival at Revolution Hall.'

Fred Shapiro died after a five year battle with cancer on 17 October 2013.

Daniel kept the lyrics to one of Shapiro's songs which ended:
'Play Every Note
As If It Were Your Last
Cause Life Goes By Way Too Fast'

Gibeau said Shapiro had passed Silverfox Salvage to Jamie Walton, a friend and employee, who created some of Silver Fox's architectural artwork over the last few years.

[Obituary - with thanks to contributors, All Over Albany and Times Union

Silver Fox Salvage

Silver Fox Salvage

Facebook: Silver Fox Salvage
Mojo Lightning: Cutting Loose by F Shapiro

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