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March 14, 2016, 07:00 PM

Four black beech Jason chairs make 700 at Gaze modern sale

By Thornton Kay

Jason chair by Kandya [photo Gaze

Midcentury coat rack and shelves 140 [photo Gaze

Buckinghamshire, UK - Not the top lots, which were 1,700 for Elizabeth Frink prints of seabirds, a set of four Jason chairs from the 1960s by the English firm Kandya, designed by Danish designer Carl Jacobs, and made from a varnished beech frame with black lacquered beech-faced moulded plywood seat, sold for 700 plus 15% buyer's premium at Gaze's modern design sale last Saturday.

The Board of Trade's 'Utility Furniture' scheme of the 1940s with wood rationing and price control was restricted to newly-weds and people who had been bombed out, under the "Domestic Furniture (Control of Manufacture and Supply (No 2)) Order 1942" operative from 1 November 1942. The new populist Cotswold, Chiltern and Cockaigne ranges did little to inspire and Denmark began to have an increasing influence on the opening up of English furniture design in the 1950s. Retailers began selling Danish furniture with its clean modern look and hand-crafted but engineered appeal, plus a quality assurance label from the Danish Furniture Manufacturers Association.

In order to compete, English companies such as Kandya, based in the traditional furniture-making region of High Wycombe, employed Carl Jacobs to rpduce the Jason chair, while others such as E Gomme produced their versions of Danish design in G-Plan furniture and Ercol. Robin Day was influenced by the Danes and produced the Q-stak one-piece moulded plywood chair in 1953. Principally designed for domestic use, the Jason chair was in continuous production for almost twenty years, with metal legs as an option. In 1952 three hundred were installed in the South Bank Restaurant on the site of the Festival of Britain.

Prices vary: a pair on 1st Dibs is for sale at $3,000, while on eBay a single chair is on offer for 150. Other high lots at the modern design sale include a 1960's tan suede Butterfly chair by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy which sold for 500, and some groovy midcentury polished aluminium and wood coat racks and shelves which sold for around 140.

T W Gaze Llp

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Date Modified: March 18, 2016, 10:04 AM

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