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June 23, 2016, 08:29 PM

Fair lady of Three Toads: AYG Salvo Fair pitch winner

By Sara Morel

Lucie Style Salvo

Enamel signs at Salvo Fair pitch Style Salvo
Fairground enamel sign at Salvo Fair Style Salvo
Lucie Style Salvo

Oxfordshire, UK - At the Salvo Fair I met this fair lady, Lucie Farrimond of Three Toads Antiques, a family run antiques and salvage business based in Kent. Winner of one Antiques Young Guns Salvo Fair pitch, we talked salvage and style and how she finds herself rocking a maxi dress and gold ballet flats whilst rolling with architectural antiques, because one never knows when an opportunity to source a rare piece will arise...

How would you describe the style of Three Toads Antiques?

The style of Three Toads Antiques is very different to my personal style. I love fashion however have finally admitted defeat and have ordered some steel toe boots as falling off a table whilst picking through a barn in a chiffon skirt and ballet flats resulted in a lot of bruising!

When I'm buying for Three Toads Antiques I find myself more drawn to the unusual and often quite industrial pieces. I love old enamel signs, especially iconic designs, think London underground, rare car advertising, fairground art and beer/wine signage. I love mid century continental design and always try to make sure I have some in stock. I recently bought the last of some 1950s military theatre seats from Belgium, I am torn between being very pleased they all sold quickly at Salvo Fair and disappointed that I didn't keep one for myself.

How was your first year exhibiting at the Salvo Fair?

I found exhibiting at Salvo Fair a steep learning curve as it wasn't just my first Salvo Fair it was my first fair ever. I really enjoyed meeting all of the other dealers and putting some faces to names as I'm very active on social media. A highlight was selling a unique brass ship's sink to a customer who fell in love with it and is going to use it as the base of the whole design of her new kitchen in the barn conversion she'll be starting soon.

How did you become a member of Antique Young Guns? How has it helped you?

Late last year I found out about Antiques Young Guns from another member so I approached them about joining and they said yes they'd be pleased to have me. Being a member has helped me connect with other members and get lots of advice about how best to make the business work for me. Winning an Antiques Young Guns pitch at Salvo Fair has really boosted my business to the next level.

@threetoadsantiques Instagram is a showcase of style. Is Instagram also a good platform to directly sell your pieces?

I find Instagram to be a very useful platform for selling and buying. I have made some very good contacts through it. I spend hours looking through photos on there looking for inspiration for upcycling projects. This has proved especially useful since my husband bought a Hot Section Turbine from a Boeing 747, I'm hoping at some point this will be turned into a coffee table.

Most memorable Three Toads Antiques moment so far?

This would have to be our first celebrity customer at Salvo Fair, Justin Fletcher from Cbeebies. With having 3 boys he's been a regular fixture in our house for the last 9 years so it was great to meet him and I felt quite starstruck.

See Lucie's life juggling antiques and 3 boys and a fun salvage selfie #salvie here and there @theduckshed

Three Toads Antiques

Antiques Young Guns

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Three Toads Antiques
Antiques Young Guns

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