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May 14, 2017, 05:04 PM

European support for Salvo 2017

By Shirley Kay

© Brocante Frederic

© Brocante Frederic
© Brocante Frederic
© Brocante Frederic

Oxfordshire, UK - The Salvo fair has always attracted support from far and wide and this year is no exception.

European regulars over the years have come from Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. They have always added to the spice of the Salvo fair and I have fond memories from a past fair watching England and Germany in the World Cup with bratwurst and beer supplied by one of the exhibitors.

This year look out for Jeroen from Van De Wouwer Decorations, Belgium, who always gets a good response for his collection of architectural and garden salvage. La Chineuse also from Belgium with her lovely antique ironwork and garden ornament.

Jon Webb, a long time Salvo supporter, will be coming from France with reclaimed oak flooring, joists, terracotta floor tiles, troughs, sanitary ware and tiles, glazed and terracotta. Antique Deco will create a French corner of his own with a wide range of matériaux anciens from France. Kevin Green, Reclamation Warriors will be bringing antique, vintage and reclamation products from all around France and beyond. He specialises in period homewares, architectural items, vintage bedroom, garden and agricultural products. But look out for wine, beer and cider making equipment.

Dirk Dijkstra from De Zonneroos, another regular coming from Eindhoven in Holland specialises in art nouveau and art deco glass, who also stocks some religious pieces. The name De Zonneroos means 'The Sun Rose' which aptly describes the beauty of his stock. Also from the Netherlands and new this year are not to be missed, Brocante Frederic with a great range of 'fun old stuff. ' Bea and Freek collect their stock personally with an eye for the uniqueness and beauty of salvage. They stock anything from small colourful accessories and household items to larger garden antiques or vintage industrial.

We are looking forward to the contingency of European exhibitors and cannot wait to see what they add to the mix of Salvo 2017.

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