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June 29, 2017, 09:37 AM

Electric cars and boats at Salvo 2017 - and V2G

By Thornton Kay

Nissan Leaf and Tesla S85 at Salvo Fair [photo Salvo

Oxfordshire, UK - For thirteen years Salvo had no car and used bicycles and public transport, occasionally renting from car clubs or self-drive which were petrol powered, so we decided to buy an electric car. Travelling in an electric car uses less gmCO2/km than petrol or diesel car bus or taxi, or even electric train.

Last July Salvo bought an ex-demonstrator Nissan Leaf Tekna 30kW, made in Sunderland, which is a pure electric car and is powered almost entirely with renewable electricity from Ecotricity, charged at home and in motorway service stations.

An average UK house uses around 7.5kW of energy a day. Peak demand for electricity from the UK grid is in the evenings from 6pm onwards. Comparatively little is used from 12pm to 6am. If houses charged a 7.5kW battery overnight during low demand and used it during the day this would help smooth out peaks and troughs which would mean the UK would not need to build new gas or nuclear power stations.

It would be feasible to charge our car during very low demand between midnight and 6am and then use the car to power our house in the daytime and peak times in the evenings. The voltage inverter technology to do this is known as 'Vehicle To Grid' or V2G.

If the 30,000 UK electric car owners had V2G it would save the UK enough energy to allow the mothballing of one entire power station.

As part of the 'green living' theme at Salvo 2017 a Tesla S85 saloon was kindly provided by Evision Supercars on Sunday. This 85kW battery car has a range of 220mls. A traditional wooden electric Thames slipper launch (in the background of the photo above) was for sale from Henley Sales & Charter who very generously sponsored the fair's Smart Works charity.

Henley Sales & Charter Ltd

Salvo Fair

Evision Supercars
Millennium Star electric slipper launch with GRP hull

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