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September 18, 2013, 06:41 PM

Eco interior design trends for the autumn and fall

By Shirley Kay

Upcycled pitch pine table with antique cast iron legs [photo Architectural Forum

Vintage industrial filing cabinet [photo Architectural Forum
Upcycled antique arched window mirror [photo Architectural Forum

London South East, UK - Kelly Hoppen, interior designer and latterday dragon, says consumers are looking for long-lasting designs that stand the test of time and feel personal to them. Design is going back to its roots with vintage, earthy and raw textures and glamorous additions like gold. Retro and vintage furniture and reclaimed wood is still on trend.

The French style magazine, Marie Claire, writes that top trends include stone and wood in their natural stripped-down state. Natural beauty is key and the look of the outdoors is in. Reuse is highlighted. Retro furniture combined with reclaimed wood would create this look. Old furniture can be given a new lease of life by painting or reupholstering in bright colours. Marie Claire emphasises that upcycled is still very much on trend, and suggest wood-burning stoves as statement pieces that are great for the environment.

Gudy Herder, from Eclectic Trends, posted on the Decor8 blog trends that included Flint and Alpine both of which encourage sustainable design. Flint is represented by a primitive organic and handmade look, while Alpine is outdoors in and a folk look. Both trends also support the use of materials in a more natural state. Reclaimed wood walls, natural stone floor tiles and exposed brickwork gives this raw feel and also bring the outdoors in.

Tuesday's regular USA interior designer tweet-up @IntDesignerChat highlighted the trend of sustainable design with @GailZahtz tweeting love of salvage for sustainable design. Also the use of natural stone, wood and found objects. @Remodel_w_Feia had a strong interest in craftsmanship and objects with a story behind them. Salvaged pieces come with a history and give this look effortlessly - such as chairs, lockers, lighting from old churches, schools and factories reused in the home.

Unique statement pieces can also be found like the recrafted upcycled antique arched window mirrors from the Tate Britain at Architectural Forum. Pinterest is a great resource for interior design ideas and Interior Designer Chat has more ideas on their Fall 2013 Pinterest.

Architectural Forum

Marie Claire: Top interior design trends autumn 2013
Decor 8 blog: Four big interiors trends for Fall/Winter 2013

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