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September 11, 2014, 12:00 PM

Eco friendly design for the wallpaper revival

By Shirley Kay

Wallpaper designs Juju Papers

North Carolina, USA - There has been a wallpaper revival in home decor recently and it is growing fast. These new designs are exciting and fresh and are bringing artistic design back into the home. Wallpaper can bring art to the walls of your home and make much more of a statement than paint ever can. Some even argue a good quality wallpaper will bring you joy everyday that will last for years to come.

Actual antique and vintage wallpaper can still be bought for reuse in your own home and some of these designs have inspired wallpaper from the past to be reproduced from archives of these traditional designs. Samples of historical designs by designers like William Morris and Candace Wheeler can be found in museums like the Victoria & Albert, London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The beauty and unique style of these designs is being appreciated again and they are making a come back in home decor.

Bolling & Co., Oregon is a company which specialises in early twentieth century hand printed papers of M.H. Birge & Sons of Buffalo New York. It produces antique wallpapers as one of a kind artworks. In fact owner, Bo Sullivan's passion began when he bought some boxes of old wallpaper from a couple when working for the architectural salvage company, Rejuvenation. That box turned out to contain rare designs and it was to change his life. Bo has since become a specialist in the wallpaper that was made by M.H. Birge & Sons.

Like Rejuvenation, Oregon other architectural salvage yards may have rolls of antique, vintage and reclaimed wallpaper so it is worth checking your local yard for a unique find. They may also have old salvaged maps and drawings which are another unique way of wallpapering a room. Vintage papers can be found at specialist companies too like Secondhand Rose, New York.

Historical designs from the past are also being reproduced by companies like Charles Rupert Designs, Canada who have taken into account the environmental concerns of the present and produced an eco friendly range using traditional equipment and water based inks with a very low VOC, volatile organic compound. Traditional wallpaper paste is also made with wheat or cellulose. These produce no VOCs.

Fresh modern designs inspired by nature are also bringing art to our walls with wallpaper by young designers like Avery Thatcher of Juju Papers, Oregon, inspired by folk art and nature. The word juju means ascribing magical powers to inanimate objects and everyone has a bit of it in their lives. Items we love like that old wool sweater, a favourite coffee mug or a toddlers special blanket are all touched by a personal magic. Juju Papers brings this good magic to their designs and your home. There is consideration for the environment too with the use of sustainable paper and water based ink.

If you are new to wallpaper then try out a small room first or just do a feature wall in a larger room. Select a few samples to try out to make sure the design is right for your space. Then introduce some eco chic to your home.

For further tips and advice see the link below from Stacey Blake, a blogger and DIY expert who shares home, design ideas, tips and inspiration on her award-winning blog, Design Addict Mom. Source more eco friendly wallpaper designers and manufacturers in the Salvo Directory.

Secondhand Rose

JUJU Papers

Charles Rupert Designs


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