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January 31, 2017, 03:57 PM

Eco bathroom renovation trends for 2017

By Shirley Kay

Bathroom design renovation Retrouvius

Bathroom design renovation Retrouvius
1920s copper taps Architectural Decor
Large scolastique heated towel rail Edward Haes

London North West, UK - Updating a bathroom may increase the value of a home, correct annoying faults, increase safety or simply improve the way it looks but, with more concern for the planet, many now opt for eco design solutions, some of which can also save money.

Ecologically, reuse and minimisation of water, energy efficiency, renewables such as solar thermal, and most importantly the reuse of reclaimed, antique or vintage sanitaryware, old flooring and real vintage accessories are now top of the green design list.

Natural materials with surface texture and patterns such as antique marble, terracotta or stone combined with unique English heritage styling, popularised by TV and film such as Downton Abbey or The Crown, are in demand for 2017 bathroom design. Copper and visual metal piping are also added to reclaimed and salvaged pieces and mixed in with the ultra-modern.

Geometric tiling and patterns created with mismatched shapes and colours is another trend suited to the reuse of old tiles or other reclaimed materials. Reclaimed marble or wood offcuts can create gorgeous patterns, and can be found for a reasonable price from architectural salvage yards.

Another 2017 bathroom design trend are intimate spaces in which to relax. Layered lighting rather than point source is popular now. Cosy atmospheres can be created with vintage accessories such as mirrors, art, vases and furniture for storage or seating. Add a house plant or two for that extra feeling of relaxing with nature. Wallpaper can also add a touch of nature or pattern to warm your soul. A bathroom has become the place where we can de-stress from our busy lifestyles.

One of the biggest trends for bathroom renovations is to go for timelessness. Classic designs that will stand the test of time are a key trend. Add into the mix reclaimed materials to create a design you can really love forever. Talking of love what better gift could you give someone you love this Valentines Day than a new space made from old things where they can truly relax.

Find specialist antique and reclaimed bathroom suppliers on the SalvoWEB online marketplace such as Antique Bathrooms Ltd, Alscot, Catchpole & Rye and Mongers (most of which now sell modern reproduction as well as reclaimed and restored antiques) plus general architectural salvage yards which usually stock a selection of sanitaryware and reclaimed materials.

Alternatively, for retro 1960s and later try secondhand and discontinued bathroom suppliers such as Sanitary Salvage or Broken Bog. To get the complete look find reclaimed and antique flooring and lighting on SalvoWEB too.

Images show a just a few of the many bathrooms designed by Salvo Code member, Retrouvius, based in London and the other images are from the selection of antique and reclaimed bathroom items currently for sale on SalvoWEB.

See the link below for more of the hottest trends for bathrooms in 2017 from the Walls and Floors blog and a link is to the antique and reclaimed bathroom for sale section on SalvoWEB.

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Walls and Floors blog: Bathroom Ideas for 2017

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