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April 05, 2011, 07:33 PM

Eastenders happy storyline? Leave it!

By Lawrence Skilling

Tony the prop buyer [photo Chancellors

Surrey, UK - This is Tony, prop buyer for Eastenders trying out a font with a lifesize stoneware Jesus baby. When he turned up with his designer colleague I immediately pointed him in the direction of the crucifixes - someone else was obviously about to die on the show and they'd be needing some gloomy Christian kit to indicate funerals/misery etc. Of course it couldn't compare to the Coronation Street slaughterfest back at Christmas time (we did some good business supplying all sorts for the multiple Corrie funerals) but maybe a pair of coffin stands, a sad tattered bible…

Imagine my surprise when it turns out that they wanted to hire stuff for a christening. Of course from what I can gather this is probably going to be pretty compromised, miserable affair, no doubt with people saying 'Leave it!' but even so this is verging on the positive for Britains most depressing Soap. What next? An uncomplicated wedding where the couple both love each other and the guests are all friends with each other?

Leave it!

Antique Church Furnishings

Chancellors: Eastenders Happy Storyline shock

Story Type:  Feature

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