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January 16, 2014, 09:17 PM

Drummonds launches in Notting Hill

By Thornton Kay

Launch of Drummonds Notting Hill [photo TK

London West, UK - This evening Drummonds launched its new bathroom showroom in Notting Hill designed by Christopher Jenner from new clean minimalist materials and a smattering of recrafted reclaimed flooring panels beneath the eclectic range of hand-finished baths, chrome nickel and brass taps, and sanitary ware in the ground floor and basement showrooms.

These luxury baths stem from Drummond Shaw's formative trading in architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials, coupled with his family background in ironfounding and a meticulous business approach. He has progressively dropped the anarchic field of salvage for solid manufacturing, where control of the process of making and selling new things outranks the random nature of dealing in salvage.

Notting Hill, or to be precise, Chepstow Corner just off the Bayswater end of Westbourne Grove, is Drummonds second London showroom. The first, located near the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, opened several years ago, and is now rumoured to be moving closer to the King's Road. Drummond's main bathroom showroom is in Surrey and manufacturing is in Poland where he has trained people in the finest skills needed to make stuff to exacting standards. Last year the reclaimed flooring business moved from Surrey to Sussex.


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