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May 30, 2013, 10:16 AM

Drew filming in Northumberland and buying in Surrey

By Thornton Kay

Fifteen feet high painting of Christ in Prayer [photo Chancellors

Northumberland, UK - Salvage Hunter, Drew Pritchard, is shooting for his next series and was in Northumberland in April at Keith and Lynne Allan's Old Dairy in Ford Village, a model Victorian hamlet built around Ford Castle.

"They chose the Dairy because we've got a good range of architectural salvage and a horde of quirky bits and pieces on display and I think they'd also heard about our champagne bar made out of marble fireplace shelves," Keith and Lynne were reported as saying. ""As for what they actually bought we're not allowed to tell you but they purchased five different items and one of them was destined for Drew Pritchard's outlet in Liberty's in London."

The Old Dairy has some marvellous views of the Cheviots and they were covered in snow at the time so the views were spectacular. One cameraman captured the outside shots, including some new-born lambs in an adjoining barn, and the rest of the team concentrated on the inside where they found a number of pieces they wanted to buy and include in the programme.

Meanwhile in Walton-on-Thames in April, Lawrence Skilling of Chancellor's, or Antique Church Furnishings as they are officially known, reported on his blog the sale of a big religious painting to Drew, who started out restoring and dealing in stained glass and church antiques.

"Sold the biggest painting ever (not including Guernica) to Britains most famous architectural dealer today - Drew Pritchard, star of the Salvage Hunters. No TV cameras; the deal for our 15ft high painting was done over the phone. We've known Drew for a few years and he has always been very honest with us. So, of course we asked him about the groupie attention he got from being on the telly," writes Lawrence.

"Being happily married, Drew has no time for this. But it does make you think. If one took up with a groupie how long would it be before they realised that you had faults like any other person? How long before they were complaining about that shelf you never got around to putting up? That groupie anniversary that you forgot? And maybe worst of all, the feeling that you weren't as famous or as desirable as TV baker Paul Hollywood?"

Old Dairy

Drew Pritchard Ltd

Antique Church Furnishings

Tumblr: Antique Church Furnishings
Northumberland Gazette: TV salvage crew head to dairy on edge of the hills

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