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November 27, 2012, 02:05 PM

Dreaming of a green Christmas

By Shirley Kay

Recrafted + upcycled reclaimed water tower stool [photo İTri-Lox

Somerset, UK - Concern over the effects of climate change have made more of us than ever before want to go green. Buying new gifts mean using more energy, pollution and using more of the world's precious resources. So what better way to reduce our carbon footprint than to have a green Christmas and buy something old.

But the green environmentally friendly choice doesn't have to be boring. In fact reclaimed, antique, vintage or secondhand can often be more interesting and even better value than a new gift. The story of a reclaimed or 'found' object's past life can give added interest. Gifts like this can also be more personally meaningful. Gifts made of natural materials like reclaimed wood, marble, stone, glass and metal are more unique too than mass produced ones.

Remember a bargain can often be found if an item needs a slight repair. Also why not handcraft or upcycle your own gift. Many may have been inspired with ideas from Kirstie's Vintage Home. Upcycling something old that would have just been trashed has become more and more popular and can make a great gift. If done well this not only makes something more beautiful but adds value. It would also be greener to use eco paint and reclaimed materials. Avoids off-gassing too. Many eco paint suppliers can be found in the Salvo directory. For those that do not have the time or energy you can find items already recrafted or upcycled on Salvo UK or US. Many architectural salvage dealers also recraft items. Beautiful reclaimed mirror sash windows are recrafted by Architectural Forum, London. In the US, Restoration Resources, Boston often repurpose old relics too.

Look out for the new 'Recraft + Upcycled' category on SalvoWEB. This week added to Salvo US are some gorgeous stools, featuring tops made of Cedar water towers salvaged from NYC rooftops. The stools, from $500 are crafted from 100 percent reclaimed materials by Brooklyn design and build practice, Tri-Lox. These would make a great gift.

So dreaming of a green Christmas visit your local architectural salvage yard. Find a local dealer in the SalvoWEB directory or for those who prefer to shop online visit Salvo UK or Salvo US. Main dealer websites are just a click away on the home page buttons. I found a beautiful Victorian brass Dolphin door knocker £76 at Snobs, Knobs and Posh Knockers, an on-trend Lyons Tea enamelled shop sign £180 at Lassco, a classic 1930s coloured lamp shade £85 at Cox's Yard, a beautiful pair of Victorian white marble corbels £750 at Olliff's and last but not least a child's Sunday school chair £25 at Church salvage from Chancellors.


Restoration Resources

Cox's Yard

Antique Church Furnishings

Olliff's Architectural Antiques

Architectural Forum


Salvo US Recrafted + Upcycled

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