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July 17, 2011, 05:59 PM

Dogs of Salvo Fair 2011

By Lawrence Skilling

Hertfordshire, UK - Six minutes seventeen seconds of dogs at the 2011 Salvo UK Fair. Quite a few pugs, no alsatians, these are simply the dogs that visited our stand. Every year we do this trade fair at Knebworth in England. A lot of people come to visit and so do their dogs. To pass the time , as one can only get so excited selling pews, I compiled a collection of dogs. This exciting YouTube slide show, complete with music (my children's reaction: "It's over six minutes long! Two minutes would be pushing it!").

Ah, but where else can you hear the best song ever written about a ghost dog? (Old Tige, by Jim Reeves in case you were wondering) plus a couple of other great dog hits.

Note the black pug towards the end of the programme. This poor animal has had no less than two elderly owners die on him before being rehoused through the Pug Welfare Association. He had to have special counselling so that he wouldn't panic if he saw a person lying down on the ground.

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