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March 26, 2015, 07:10 AM

Diary of a Salvaged Space

By Sara Morel

Salvage selfie #salvie at Architectural Forum Photo Style Salvo

Shoe #salvie Photo Style Salvo
Reclaimed restrooms at Gansevoort Market, NYC Photo Style Salvo
Ace Hotel London Photo Style Salvo

London West, UK - On my journey into a more sustainable existence (shoe collection excluded), I have vowed to do up my new home in west London with as many reclaimed materials as possible.

Here are six days in some of my most thrilling and surprising six months to date.

The first day I went to a salvage yard:

I visited Architectural Forum in North London and I was hooked. I saw prison doors mid-restoration and I knew I was sentenced to a life in salvage.

The day I took my first shoe salvie:

Standing in front of mid-nineteenth century mirrored doors salvaged from France at UK Architectural Heritage in the Wye Valley, I took my first salvage selfie #salvie.

The first day I took a photo in the ladies loo:

Is my phone on silent? OK, snap. I was compelled to take my first photo in the ladies toilets, which were wall to wall salvaged materials at Gansevoort Market in New York.

The second day I took a photo in the ladies loo:

Surrounded by vintage furniture and recycled materials signature to the Ace Hotel, I enjoyed supper at London Shoreditch, the first Ace hotel outside of America. Despite a delicious pudding of praline and salted caramel, it was the white toilets with pink Bemis toilet seats that I remember most vividly (cue second urge to take a silent snap).

The day I swapped style(dot)com for brokenbog(dot)com:

I woke up at 3.17am to the sound of my great grandmother's Deco vase smashing on my bathroom floor. A few tears, shards of blue glass and a later discovery that the vase had also broken my toilet cistern lid and my deliberation over whether to renovate the bathroom was over. Whilst searching stock on brokenbog(dot)com I discovered a Bemis toilet seat in the same shade as the one in the Ace Hotel. And there you have it, the pudding proof that some of the most fashionable things can be found in some of the least likely salvaged spaces.

The day I found my salvage swing:

Thornton Kay, #mrsalvage, said it is all about: 'embracing the unexpected and using it as a design opportunity'. A renovation project is rarely straight forward and the first few months, mind deep in reclaimed materials were a challenge to the imagination. You rarely find exactly what you you set out to find with reclaimed materials. However, once I relaxed into the swing of it, I discovered what I found in reality was far better than I imagined.

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Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

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UK Architectural Heritage

Architectural Forum

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