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September 01, 2016, 07:29 PM

Destination Harlem and Demolition Depot

By Sara Morel

Demolition Depot ©Style Salvo

Green eyes at Demolition Depot ©Style Salvo
Antique lights at Demolition Depot ©Style Salvo
Demolition Depot interior ©Style Salvo

New York, USA - Known for its brownstones, Harlem has much to offer architectural enthusiasts and when Vogue editors start raving about staying way uptown you know to pay it a visit quickly before the trend travels to the masses. Home to salvage showroom, Demolition Depot since 1996, more recent additions to the neighbourhood like Marcus Samuelsson's bistro, Red Rooster, The Cecil and the chic Vinatería are a sign of Harlem's continuous reinvention. They also make convincing friends to make the journey to Harlem easier, even if some of us could quite happily spend a day exploring four floors and a yard of architectural ornaments, vintage lighting, furniture, doors, windows, shutters, railings, gates, grills and mantels.

Shoots for Vogue have been staged at Demolition Depot, they kitted-out sets for Sex and the City and current stock includes a Rambusch Studios stained glass ceiling c.1972, saved from a hotel in the Hamptons, but leave Carrie style heels in your hotel to explore Harlem properly. Demolition Depot is steeped in precious history, yet you feel welcome to roam alongside irreplaceable pieces with their cute cats for company. The exclusive invitation to owner Evan Blum's immense salvage collection in Connecticut is harder to come by, but a piece of brassware that you can fit in your suitcase is not a bad place to start.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Demolition Depot

Demolition Depot

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