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April 08, 2014, 11:33 AM

Design Trend: Jagged edges and blurred boundaries

By Shirley Kay

Patchwork flooring Retrouvius Reclamation and Design

California, USA - Blurred boundaries and jagged edges has now become a new global design trend for walls and flooring which was started in Italy and the Mediterranean many years ago. The latest Remodelista blog features images of imperfect edges in wall and floor decoration.

For walls the part exposed brick wall is a look which has become popular. Other inspiring images show wall decoration with imperfectly finished stone or metal. A rough slab of marble makes a beautiful art piece. Rough marble has also been used for a shower surround. Ceramic tiling for a kitchen splash can also be used with an unfinished border to wonderful effect.

For flooring a part ceramic tiled and part reclaimed wood floor with jagged edges has been created with an imperfect tile border. The jagged trend gives a natural effect and works well with reclaimed building materials. Retrouvius Reclamation and Design in London recently created a rich patchwork floor designed with mahogany, encaustic tiles and brass.

Where is reclaimed flooring heading?


Remodelista: Trend Alert 10 Jagged Edges by Julie Carlson

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Date Modified: April 10, 2014, 07:13 AM

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