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January 19, 2012, 10:24 PM

Deserted mansions of the vanished rich

By Lawrence Skilling

My favourite part was the folly in the garden [photo LSkilling

Surrey, UK - This was a job we did a while back. A clearance of a huge house in darkest Surrey - one of those rare parts of Surrey that are so remote it could be… Sussex. This place had allegedly been the property of a Turkish Millionaire and his family until they disappeared some 20 odd years ago. Someone said they had made their fortune out of hairbrushes which may have been speculation based on the fact that an outbuilding was filled with hundreds of boxes filled with same.

Empty ever since, the house was a mausoleum of damp and decaying DFS style furniture on a grand scale. I'm not sure if the property had reverted to the State or whether some distant relative had turned up to claim it, either way it was all to be demolished. The old Daimler with its 1970s state of the Art TV system had a 3 digit registration that would have been worth £20,000 +: One of the contractors managed to snaffle that.

My favourite part was the folly in the garden which did not look as though it had been visited for decades, it was impossible to enter because of the dense brambles - inside.

Antique Church Furnishings

Antique Church Furnishings: Deserted mansions of the vanished rich

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