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May 31, 2012, 09:11 PM

Demolition threat to Shiver Me Timbers

By Thornton Kay

Shiver Me Timbers, Long Rock, Penzance [photo Stevyn Colgan of Colganology

Cornwall, UK - While government policy trundles slowly into support for salvage, many rented reclamation yards still fall foul of the property developer. 'This is Cornwall' reports that one of Cornwall's dwindling group of salvage yards is under threat of demolition by the owner of Cornish Mead Company who would like to build a house on the site.

'Shiver Me Timbers was run until his death by popular character Terry "Trader" Gray in 2009 and is now run by his son Joe. It operates as a recycling and reuse project, a reclaimed timber and furniture store and a collection of art, curios and antiquities. Now Cornwall Council has granted conditional approval for the levelling of the collection of buildings on the site and construction of a twin-garage house there.

'Dziga Walker said: "Shiver Me Timbers has long evolved from a "normal" reclamation yard into a museum of oddities and wonder, so much so that people have travelled in excess of 300 miles to visit the place."

'Faye Wilson said: "As builders, developers, carpenters, and friends of the late Trader Gray, my grandad, dad and husband have found the place invaluable over the past 30 years. It is an unusual and important asset to Long Rock."

Joe Gray said: "The landlord is legally entitled to do what he sees fit with the property. Leaving here would be a huge wrench. We're trying to come to an amicable solution. It has been built up over the years by my dad and we are trying to keep the recycle and reuse ethos going. We want to carry on the tradition of what we've always done here."

Sid Leiworthy of The Cornish Mead Company said: "I've tried since 1990 to make that into a lovely site. I've had plan after plan turned down. Do we want a reclamation yard on our coast? If the people of Long Rock and Marazion and Lord St Levan do then I'm willing to listen. I don't live there. All I want to do is something tidy."

Salvage Hunters film at threatened Shiver Me Timbers yard

Shiver Me Timbers

Shiver Me Timbers demolition backed
Shiver Me Timbers an eyesore or asset?

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