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April 13, 2017, 01:04 PM

Decorate your home with salvage and market finds

By Shirley Kay

Boy with fish V&V Reclamation

Wooden beer crates Trinovante Trading
Reclaimed Pine Shutters UK Architectural Heritage
Vintage pair of Pine Barrel Lids Norfolk Antique & Reclamation

New York, USA - Reuse, reclaim and repeat has long been a phrase associated with Salvo and a reuse eco conscious lifestyle is happily now seen as important for those that care about the future of our planet. It is not always the expensive option either and it can often save you money but you do need to be more creative. Markets and salvage yards are a great source of unique finds and it is fun to rethink an item and use it in a totally different way.

Be inventive. Old corbels for work stations. Panelled shutters added to a side table can support a sconce side light. Rustic touches with old iron brackets and gates as pot racks.

Exterior architectural elements can look good inside. Make a grand entrance with old columns. Outdoor sculpture can become an indoor ornament set on a coffee table or antique chest of drawers.

Upcycle old crates to become side tables or footstools, old urn lamps, plumbing valve wall art and vintage maps or old book pages for wall paper.

Mismatched can work well too. Dealers may have small batches left over from supplying larger orders. Mix and match tiles, wood, marble or terracotta can be used to make original flooring or wall decorations. Window frames and old doors can make room dividers or screens. Mismatched old pieces make great artwork too.

See the Better, Homes and Gardens and The Spruce blog links for more reuse ideas.

Items shown are currently for sale on the SalvoWEB online marketplace for architectural salvage and antiques.

The Spruce: Decorating with Architectural Salvage
BHG: Decorate with Architectural Salvage

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