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February 09, 2012, 11:33 AM

Cox's Yard squeezes quart into a pint pot in these hard times

By Thornton Kay

Snow at Cox's Yard [photo Pete Watson

Gloucestershire, UK - Following its successful clearance auction sale, well known Gloucestershire reclamation business Cox's Yard has now completed its relocation to new premises just 50 yards away from the old.

The new unit is number 12 Fosseway Business Park, previously 10 Fosseway Business Park, Moreton-in-Marsh, the only other change is to the fax number which is now 01608 652842.

Founder and MD, Peter Watson, commenting on the move, said, "In these hard times we've had to cut back on overheads and have reduced from 10,000 sq. ft, to 5,000 sq. ft. Literally getting a quart into a pint pot. Not as hard as it seems though, because as we all know in this trade, if you've got space you fill it! Trouble is you tend to fill it with stuff that doesn't sell quickly. So this has been a good opportunity to streamline what we do.

"Doors have always been a speciality of ours and will continue to be a major line together with associated hardware and fittings. Floorboards of all types and selected heavy side items. I've taken the opportunity to invest in expanding our woodworking department and updating our computer systems. The new showroom is open and I look forward to seeing existing and new customers."

[Press Release - 4th February 2012
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Salvo Code dealer, Cox's Yard, has again booked a pitch at this years Salvo Fair at Stubbings Estate in Berkshire.

Cox's Yard

Cox's Yard

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