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April 11, 2012, 12:46 PM

Cotswold Life amusing typo ennobles Ronnie Wootton

By Thornton Kay

A lady and His Grace The Duke of Marlborough [Photo Chris Fairweather from Cotswold Life

Gloucestershire, UK - A reader has pointed out an amusing typo in a an online 'Cotswold Life' article about the Masco Walcot open day held in February. A photo by Chris Fairweather shows a lady alongside Ronnie Wootton of Midlands salvage and reproduction firm MDS. The caption amusingly bestows Trooper Wootton with the title 'His Grace the Duke of Marlborough'.

After the open day @MASCoSalvage tweeted, 'Despite the weather we had a brilliant open day last Saturday, thanks to everyone who came!' and 'We had 2 very entertaining talks from David Howard at our open day, thank you David!'. David Howard was former gardener to Prince Charles at Highgrove House, and recently did the walled kitchen garden for the National Trust at Avebury Manor shown on the BBC programme 'The Manor Reborn'.

Cotswold Life wrote that it was a successful open day with customers poured through the door welcomed by hot soup and crusty bread, a glass of wine, talks by David Howard, former head gardener at Highgrove, and entertainment by Patsy Gamble on her saxophone. The showroom had been completely restocked and all of this was on display, including architectural features, fireplaces, furniture, hardware, original cast iron radiators, sanitary ware, garden troughs and staddle stones.

For the avoidance of doubt, John George Vanderbilt Spencer-Churchill is the 11th Duke of Marlborough whose residence is Blenheim Palace and is a cousin of Sir Winston Churchill.

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Cotswold Life: Masco Walcot Open Day

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