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February 28, 2017, 11:48 AM

Cluster of Gaze sales including architectural salvage

By Thornton Kay

Four iron and glass pantiles 3 the lot [photo Gaze

Pair of cast iron pier lamp columns 800 [photo Gaze
7ft Charles Dix butcher's block 750 [photo Gaze
Compo pond surround 2,300 [photo Gaze

Norfolk, UK - The last ten days saw ten auction sales - two deadstock, modern household, vintage industrial, two pine furniture, antiques - at Gaze of Diss, culminating last Saturday 25th with one of its six annual architectural salvage sales. An intense week with a truck could have bagged an enthusiastic and not too discerning buyer everything she or he needed to renovate a house from digging the foundations to tiling the roof with everything between at knock down prices.

Four unusual Victorian iron pantiles with triple glazed panels sold for 3 the lot at the weekly Deadstock sale on Friday - specialists Andre Ling and George Mills - along with modern power tools and bedding plants. A mass of decorative antiques and furniture were on offer at the quarterly antiques sale with specialists Lisa West and Edward Smith. The country pine and provincial - including French - furniture with specialists Lawrence Baynes and Lois Smith had plenty of chairs, tables, chests of drawers and more at more than reasonable prices. The modern household sale included some Victorian tools, mid century furniture and modern appliances in a pot pourri organised by Rupert Willows, Calvin Johnson and George Mills. The vintage industrial sale included a dentist's metal table top cabinet BAILY 45 OXFORD STREET at 180 (plus premiums) among its 140 lots.

At the architectural sale on Saturday a pair of fluted cast iron 66ins pier lamp columns with anthemion bases, catalogued as Victorian and looking like something out of a municipal waterworks, sold for 800. A compo pond surround with eight shell vases, egg and dart circular walling sold for 2,300. A worn butchers block for Charles Dix, Norwich label, 7ft long made 750. A pile of 10-12ft by 4ft deep mahogany school lab tops sold at around 120 the piece.

All these archived results are online at Gaze's website and the next Modern Design sale is on 18th March.

T W Gaze Llp

Story Type:  Auction Report

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