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August 08, 2011, 06:04 PM

Chancellors accommodates nesting wren in warehouse

By Lawrence Skilling

Mother wren at twilight in Chancellors [photo LSkilling

Surrey, UK - When I mention that we are based at 'Rivernook Farm, Sunnyside' people often say how nice it sounds. An Sylvanian image of trees, haystacks and petting cattle is conjured up which sadly gives no idea of the reality - we work in a lorry park surrounded by dozens of chemical lavatories. In Feng Shui terms it is definitely a fail.

However, we do have some nature. Premature blackberries, foxes, rats and this mother Wren who has built her nest a few inches from the main door of the rear warehouse in a breezeblock hole. They're feisty little birds that make an ugly Tutting noise when they want you to clear off. If they were dogs, they would be Chihuahuas.

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