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April 04, 2017, 04:44 AM

Celebrate green living with lunch by Silo at Salvo

By Shirley Kay

Silo at Salvo © Salvo

Silo at Salvo © Salvo
Tables and seating sponsored by Metroretro Ltd
Silo's logo is its rapid composter [photo Salvo

Oxfordshire, UK - This theme for SALVO 2017 is Green Living and will feature chef, Douglas McMaster, founder of zero waste restaurant Silo.

Douglas fell in love with being a chef at an early age and went onto cook in some of the best UK restaurants including St John in London. In 2009 he won the BBC Young Chef of the Year and later the title of Britain's Most Irreverent Young Chef at the Young British Foodies in London. Since then he has travelled the world to discover his own cooking style. In 2012 he founded Silo by Joost, with eco designer Joost Bakker, in Melbourne, Australia. The cafe has since closed but was to prove inspirational and encourage others to embrace the zero waste movement.

On his return Douglas was determined to found his own restaurant and set out from the start to achieve zero waste. The ethos is all about pure food void of processing and packaging. Silo churns its own butter, makes flour to bake its own bread and pastries, almond milk and supports nose to tail ideology. They also have an aerobic digester which can generate up to sixty kg of compost in just twenty four hours.

Drinks are made by Old Tree brewery which are created using foraged and intercepted plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit. The is wine sourced from different raw producers is organic, produced naturally, and unbottled. Douglas has even sourced his chocolate from the Dominican Republic, carried to England on a carbon-emission-free 'pirate ship' from the Seaforth Chocolate Company.

Silo won the OFM award in 2016 for best ethical restaurant. Douglas has recently been named in Vogue UK's 'Rising Stars - The Names of Now' list, among twenty other innovators disrupting the status quo.

Celebrate green living with lunch by Silo at Salvo. See what's on the SALVO fair menu:

Choice of Carnivorous or Herbivorous Calzone

The Contemporary Calzone is Silo's most popular object of desire. Named for its similar features to the Italian Calzone, our contemporary version is made with the legendary Silo sourdough. Freshly milled heritage flour, slowly fermented for flavour (and good digestion). Encapsulated inside is braised unctuous lumps of soft venison as the omnivorous stuffing. For the herbivores, we will fill with curried plant-based deliciousness.


Pirate chocolate fondant

Silo's greatest ecological achievement. This transatlantic emission free chocolate is, of course, one giant leap for sustainability… Zero waste doesn't mean zero taste.


Choice of Old Tree libation

Ebulis - Elderflower bubbly infused with Sea Buckthorn

Vintage Cider with Botanical Infusion - Single-orchard Somerset blend, dry/medium/sweet available. Infused with seasonal botanicals.

Kombucha - Unpast probiotic fermented Sencha green tea.

Seasonal Foraged Presse - A hand-picked seasonal fruit presse served with still or sparkling water.

Old Tree is a botanical brewery and handcraft social enterprise established to invest profits into land regeneration through edible landscaping and community growing projects for localised production and resilience.

The ethos is simple and sustainable and the taste is simply delicious.

Silo at Salvo is generously sponsored by Metroretro Ltd, suppliers of the reclaimed tables and chairs.

SALVO 2017:  Sat 24th and Sun 25th June. Trade Day Fri 23rd June. 
Fair Venue: Sir William and Lady McAlpine's private estate, Fawley Hill, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Directions: Please note for the Salvo Fair entrance approach via Icehouse Lane, Postcode RG9 3AP.

See the link below to book your weekend tickets for unlimited fair entry and a two course Silo at Salvo lunch.

Metroretro Ltd

Salvo Fair

Salvo fair 2017 tickets
Pre-industrial food at Silo

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