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October 01, 2014, 01:38 PM

Catchpole and Rye wins Aberdeenshire Design Award 2014

By Ruby Hazael

Catchpole & Rye awarded 'Distinction' for Craftsmanship Category for the restoration of an original John Bolding Canopy Bath at Fasque House

Kent, UK - A panel of judges, advised by representatives of Historic Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage, has awarded Catchpole & Rye its highest accolade: Distinction, in the Craftsmanship Category for the restoration of an original John Bolding Canopy Bath at Fasque House.

The Provost Jill Webster, of Aberdeenshire Council, presented the award to Tony O'Donnell MD of Catchpole & Rye Ltd and Mr Marcel Cilliers of Fasque House at a ceremony in historic Haddo House on Thursday 4th September.

This recognition reflects the importance of care and revival of a piece of Scottish Heritage. The bath itself was commissioned by Gladstone in around 1880, especially for his Aberdeenshire residence.

The bath, which is over 130 years old, was returned to its original splendour with sensitivity and diligence, so that it now functions perfectly and appears at its best. A skilled army of metal polishers, enamellers, engineers and electro-platers were among those who undertook this wonderful project.

The judges came to their decision on the basis that the final result was so spectacular. This is the first time an item of sanitaryware has been considered for such an accolade, which is a true honour for Catchpole & Rye.

Congratulations go to Mr Paul Fretwell of @rchitects Scotland Ltd who spotted this rare find beneath several layers of magnolia paint. Paul Fretwell said, "had the current owners not been so attentive to the heritage of the property, the bath could easily have been discarded."

The exemplary work at Fasque House has won three awards in total, including the coveted Best Overall - Ian Shepherd Award for work on The Apple House within its walled Victorian garden.

The bath is available for viewing through Fasque House.

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Catchpole & Rye

Catchpole & Rye
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