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March 09, 2017, 01:56 PM

Campaign for planning conditions to save demolition materials

By Thornton Kay

Typical gutting with facade retention in west London [photo TK Salvo

London West, UK - Salvo is requesting UK and European readers to write to planners and local councillors about applications involving older buildings and demolition requesting that they place a condition or recommendation that old materials are saved for reuse, in accordance with UK and EU law.

Please submit the following:

In the event of consent being granted, please ensure that a planning condition is attached which ensures the works comply with the 2011 UK Waste Regulations which require reuse of reclaimable and reusable building materials from demolition.
Salvo's guidelines for councils for acceptable reuse within the new project are:
1. Every building or landscaping project should reuse, as a minimum, the UK average proportion of 1.5 per cent reclaimed materials by value, volume or weight.
2. Green buildings should outperform the average and reuse 3 per cent reclaimed materials by value, volume or weight.
3. The highest-rated green buildings should reuse 4.5 per cent reclaimed materials by value, volume or weight.
4. Reusable building materials or products from building and landscaping must either be reused in the works, or elsewhere, in compliance with the UK 2011 Waste Regulations.
Typical relaimed building materials which are easy to reuse include reclaimed timber flooring and joists, reclaimed bricks, reclaimed roof tiles and slates.
Defra, the Code for Sustainable Homes, RICS, BREEAM and BRE encourage the reuse of reclaimed building materials.
In wealthy parts of London, in particular, large quantities of reclaimable materials for which there is high demand, are needlessly recycled (i.e. crushed, chipped, mulched and burnt) rather than reused.

Please inform Thornton Kay of Salvo at thornton.kay@salvo dot of any results. You may find lists of planning applications in your area using the link below.

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Search the register of planning applications

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