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June 25, 2014, 04:23 PM

Brooklyn Salvage yard with DIY Energy

By Shirley Kay

Reclaimed wood coffee table Reclaimed Home

Reclaimed color lath board Reclaimed Home
Pair of antique ice cream stools Reclaimed Home
Set of 4 Victorian Drawer Pulls Reclaimed Home

New York, USA - Owners Phyllis Bobb and Emilia DeVitis bring their enthusiasm for DIY to their salvage yard, Reclaimed Home in Brooklyn. They have been friends for nearly thirty years having met while working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Both enjoy being creative and are now experienced DIYers. Phyllis became hooked when she and her husband bought their first home in 1994 and went on to learn how to renovate with architectural salvage. So the store can now help others do the same with the added benefit of saving old historical items from the dumpster.

Their new venture inspired a visit two weeks ago from Krrb blogger, Christine Giglio and she was impressed by their store and their passion for what they do. The quality of their work has even gained them a mention in the New York Times. So this store is well worth a visit. In the future they would even love to run DIY classes to teach people some projects. Their personal shopper idea is also a good one which will help those who do not have the time or experience to find reclaimed items needed for a home renovation project. Find some of their lovely repurposed upcycled items for sale on Salvo US, such as a reclaimed door coat tree bench made from two old doors which would look perfect in any hallway.

Because people new to renovation with architectural salvage can need a little help we currently launching Salvo Packs to help support and guide those keen to use salvage in their renovation projects. Gloucestershire is available now and we will eventually be rolling out the rest of the UK counties, followed at a later date by other countries including the USA. The Salvo Packs include over 300 handy hints for buying and using architectural salvage with a local directory and discount vouchers from architectural salvage yards. There is a Salvo Pack blog too so you can follow and share thoughts and tips.

We would love your comments as well because renovating with reclaimed materials and architectural salvage can, as Phyllis and Emilia know, become an obsession.

Reclaimed Home LLC

Krrb Blog: Reclaimed Home Brings their Do-It -Yourself Energy to the Salvage Yard
Salvo Packs introductory page

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