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May 11, 2017, 03:21 PM

Bright green antique theme for Salvo 2017

By Thornton Kay

Mahala will be in the Fair Fashion marquee at Salvo 2017 [photo © Mahala

Oxfordshire, UK - In addition to the normal gamut of wonderful things, what kind of antiques is Salvo also asking exhibitors to bring along to Salvo 2017 to reflect year's green living theme? We cannot predict what will come, but we hope to see some stuff that fits the broad categories of energy-efficient and off-grid paraphernalia, old hand and garden tools, antique green building products, human-powered vintage travel machines, and the like - in addition to the curated fair fashion tent and Silo's ultra green pop-up meal deal.

Most old electrical and gas appliances are less efficient than new ones, although some are being converted with modern technology. For example, Vintage Fridge will bring ice boxes converted with new energy-efficient electrically-driven compressors. At previous Salvo Fairs we have had beautiful Victorian charcoal water filters, earth closets from the Reverend Henry Moule, and even several French copper stills (which could distill water - but that was not their main purpose :). We have had evaporating cupboards and crockery which cool food using cold water. Cast iron stoves and fireplaces are off-grid but not green if the fuel used is coal, but if locally-produced wood chips are used they can be very green. So fuel type is important. Candle holders and chandeliers are off-grid but not fuel efficient, but antique mirrors with daylight-reflecting balls around the frame are definitely green. Victorian copper roof-mounted ventilators, such as Ewart's, solidly built with excellent downdraft preventers are sometimes to be found at Salvo Fair. Last year Sara Morel of Reclaimed Woman PR procured organ pipes from The Architectural Forum which Ecovril used to connect her cooker hood, an adapted firehood from UK Heritage, to the outside of her London flat reclamation makeover.

Human-powered tools, not just hand tools used in building such as drills, braces, planes and augers, but also kitchenware such as whisks, slicers and coffee grinders are things to look out for. Bygones such as butter churns and knife sharpeners can often be found at Salvo. On SalvoWEB we occasionally have clockwork roasting jacks and even a turnspit (although turnspit dogs are now extinct).

What are antique green building products? Starting with floors, untreated wooden floorboards are eco-friendly (see Jon Webb's antique French oak at Salvo 2017), or woodblock (aka parquet) and wood strip. Old glazed or unglazed floor tiles, old York or limestone flagstones are great for underfloor heating. Reclaimed bricks and stone are excellent for thermal mass - even if your home is an insulated timber frame, masonry will help to store heat or cold and make it less susceptible to temperature swings, and reclaimed brick walls are ideal and embody practically no energy, while every 12 new bricks take the equivalent of a gallon of petrol to manufacture. It is possible to build timber frames reusing old oak or softwood beams, and we have specialists on the Salvo Directory who do just that (watch out for the helicopter on Friday - that normally heralds the arrival of ungreen Peter Barker of Antique Buildings Ltd, builder to stars and billionaires, who has a couple of dozen antique frame structures for sale in his back garden). Reusing reclaimed roof tiles and slates will save even more energy.

Check out the green living zone with the Silo pop-up restaurant next to the green fashion tent. Douglas McMaster from Silo in Brighton will be offering wild venison calzoni, or a veggie equivalent. His low low carbon footprint organic fair trade chocolate pud has been sailed in a yacht from Domenica. Silo is zero waste and all uneatable leftovers, together with the formaldehyde free bamboo plates and cutlery, will very kindly be composted by Lady McAlpine.

The fair fashion marquee will feature an exhibition showcasing the beauty of reuse with dresses made from waste materials and fabric created with discarded tailoring tools. Salvo's ambition is to increase awareness of sustainability and celebrate reloved pieces with vintage and eco-friendly craftspeople.  Emily Griffin, the designer and maker behind homeware and accessories brand Mahala will have bags made with old British saddlery leather and military canvases, clogs made in England, vintage and handcrafted homewares. Other stands include Mary Jones Vintage who unearths rare fashion for gents and ladies. Shop vintage clothes, accessories, jewellery and hats including unique designs by Dior. Charity partner, Smart Works will be representing their unique fashion reuse, both supporting women and reducing landfill. Smart Works is a UK charity that provides women who are out of work or on low incomes with a free styling session, interview outfit and interview coaching. They rely on donations and will be accepting good quality clothing, shoes and accessories at the fair. A Gala Preview Party will open the event with drinks and evening shopping on Friday 23rd June, with all ticket proceeds going to the charity.

Salvo 2017 will have a sprinkling of eco-friendly modes of transport. Old skates, skis, canoes, bicycles, prams and the like can usually be seen - but sadly no antique electric cars. Surprisingly, the earliest cars were all electric. Try McAlpine's two miles of steam train and steam powered carousel - both of which should be offering rides on the weekend. Sir William will, as usual, have his own pitch at the fair where he will be selling a range of leftovers from some of London's heritage railway projects. You may see Salvo Fair's host, Sir William McAlpine, near his magnificent cream and maroon showman's wagon, built for Anna Carter, one of the few Victorian female showmen, who would be happy to discuss the merits of steam and nuclear power.

And of course, don't miss the bronze Salvo electric car where you can discuss range anxiety with Shirley Kay and the pioneering attitude needed to travel all electric. We are trying to get a Tesla or two at the fair as well, so far without much luck. If anyone knows Elon Musk …

See you there!

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