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July 27, 2016, 09:35 AM

Boat team highlights diversion from recycling and landfill

By Shirley Kay

Trash boat Recycled Mississippi team

Mississippi, USA - The boat is made from reclaimed wood from old docks and its buoyancy is from reused plastic soda bottles. The goal of the team is to highlight waste. Both wood and plastic can end up recycled or in landfill.

The team is made up of six environmentalists: the expedition leader, Dan Cullum, who has led expeditions on kayaks made from plastic bottles in New Zealand; the filmmaker and producer, Gary Bencheghib, an environmental documentarian whose latest film The Reclamation, covered one of the biggest environmental movements in Indonesia; the design and build of the boat was the responsibility of Livio Knori the captain; engineer, Hannes Stauffer, did the woodwork and mechanical componentry of the boat and also brings a wealth of experience in survival tactics and long term expeditions; Sebastian Engelhart who brings invaluable on-the-water experience; and by adventurer, Zander Hartung.

The goal is to produce a documentary. They are filming the challenges of a journey on a trash boat on one of the most polluted rivers in the world, the Mississippi. The completed film will be submitted to film festivals and made freely available to teachers around the world to help educate about giving waste a second life and to help protect our waterways in the future.

Hubbub technology is also supporting the team with a system which allows the world to track the journey as it happens. So the boat and its progress down the river together with information about the water quality and environment are added to an online map. There is also a weekly Vlog so you can experience more of the journey. The latest one includes the boat in a massive storm.

One Green Planet reporting on their journey have supported their aim to make people more aware of plastic waste.

'Considering around 300 million tons of plastic are produced every single year, this volume of plastic pollution isn't going away any time soon. That is, unless we all make a very distinct change in our habits.'

See the link to their report on the boat journey and on how to join One Green Planet's #CrushPlastic campaign.

Conserving natural resources is fundamental to combating climate change and tackling the wood wasted everyday is another issue highlighted by this expedition. One example being the wooden pallets, crates and other packaging materials from ships sent to landfill everyday. Joe Mitchoff and Pierce Henley, founders of Viridian Wood discovered that in the Port of Portland Oregon alone, this was as much as up to thirty, 30 yard dumpsters per ship. Viridian set up a warehouse port side to save and reuse as much of this wood as possible. To find out more see their link in the Salvo US directory.

The boat team is aiming to reach all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico by August 12th.

Viridian Reclaimed Wood

Recycled Mississippi: Expedition website
One Green Planet: Traveling the Mississippi River on a Trash Boat

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