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February 23, 2012, 06:42 PM

Barbara Israel sells Fall of Phaeton at Winter Antiques Show

By Thornton Kay

Winter Antiques Show garden antiques 2012 [photo Barbara Israel

New York, USA - Barbara Israel Garden Antiques sold an Italian marble sarcophagus carved with a relief showing the Fall of Phaeton at the recent New York Winter Antiques Show, along with antique garden ornament which included composition stone 1930s English dwarves and endearing rabbits by Newport artist Charles Rudy.

The sarcophagus had been filled with water for the event and, as luck would have it, was bought at the show by someone wanting a fishpond in Beverley Hills. Barbara said, "I had three pieces from Hurstmont at the show - the sarcophagus, an 80 inch high Medici vase and a large marble bench - and in a serendipitous moment a fairgoer appeared whose jaw dropped when he saw them because he just so happened to have a magazine cutting from 1906 with a photo showing all three items." Hurstmont was built by swashbuckling architect Stanford White a few years before his death at the hands of a jealous lover's husband.

The Winter Antiques Show ran from Jan 25th - Feb 3rd, attracted 20,000 visitors, and the opening gala night, attended by Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York, and Chanel's Arie Kopelman, chairman of the show committee, is one of the top society events in town. The loan exhibition was about Historic Hudson Valley and the Rockefeller's family patronage, which now encompasses Philipsburg Manor, Van Cortlandt Manor, Washington Irving's Sunnyside, Montgomery Place, and the Union Church of Pocantico Hills with windows by Chagall and Matisse. The exhibition showed a cast iron bench from Sunnyside made by West Point foundry in Cold Spring.

Catherine Sweeney Singer, the show director, was reported to say that sales at this year's show had been terrific with several six figure ticket items being sold and some dealers having to restock four times during the nine day event.

Winter Antiques Show: Celebrating Historic Hudson Valley at 60

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