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June 29, 2017, 05:49 PM

Bags of Salvo Fair for a sustainable luxury life

By Sara Morel

Mahala bag from the Fair Fashion pop up at Salvo 2017 ©Reclaimed Woman

Mahala & Roomi Apparel stand at Salvo 2017 ©Reclaimed Woman
Retro arm candy from Mary Jones Vintage ©Reclaimed Woman
French antique hod from Chris Holmes Antiques ©Reclaimed Woman

Oxfordshire, UK - I've been banging on about ethical homeware and accessories brand Mahala for a while and I finally got my hands on one of the signature bags made of old military canvas and British saddlery leather. I must however leave room to mention Roomi Apparel. Designed by the talented husband of Emily Griffin, the woman behind Mahala, Roomi Apparel is a new unisex brand made in East London. Colourful coats on the left hand rail suited both the tall men and petite women that tried them. One sustainable size fits all.

I'm a shoe woman, but exhibitors in my Fair Fashion pop up converted me into a bag lady. I rarely buy bags, but Salvo Fair had me spending on salvaged and vintage arm candy including this '50s Corde bag with rare lucite handles from Mary Jones Vintage.

Also a bag of sorts… Chris Holmes Antiques brought this beautiful French antique hod from Avignon. Once worn on grape pickers' backs, hand painted with Chateau Neuf Du-Pape name and crest. Until the 14th Century the Pope resided in Avignon and this is the crest representing his vineyard.

We thought it would make a special statement piece in our patio that could double as an ice bucket for parties! I'll be revealing more of my flat and the reclaimed renovation project soon...


Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Chris Holmes Decorative Interiors

Salvo Fair

Read my full story on discoveries from Salvo Fair for a sustainable luxury life on Reclaimed Woman
Salvo Fair

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