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July 04, 2017, 08:31 PM

Are you ready for your reno?

By Sara Morel

Deco bathroom inspiration with stock on Salvo

Edwardian bathroom inspiration with stock on Salvo
Bathtub sofa listed on Salvo by Russell Wood Antiques
My pink cistern lid from Broken Bog ©Reclaimed Woman

London West, UK - Think you are ready for your renovation project, then prepare to neglect your usual e-com candy for sites like Broken Bog.

My daily scroll of choice was Style dot com when I started planning my flat renovation, which has since been discontinued as Condé Nast partner with Farfetch for a firmer future in content plus commerce.  At least anyone with a bathroom to restore can rest easy with Broken Bog - the destination for discontinued, vintage or retro British-made bathroom ware.

My renovation started when I was woken one night to the sound of my great grandmother's Deco vase smashing on my bathroom floor.  A few tears, shards of blue glass and the discovery that the vase had also broken my toilet cistern lid spurred me into action.  I sourced a replacement from Broken Bog, but chose pink instead of a direct copy of my old white lid.

I first got the idea of a mix 'n' match bathroom in the ladies at the Ace Hotel in East London (as you do), where  I also discovered Bemis toilet seats.  A seat will be my next purchase from Broken Bog.  What do you think, should we go Coral Pink, Sky Blue, Indian Ivory or Black?

Salvo is of course another great resource with preloved and period pieces from salvage and antique dealers.  You can also register free and send a Wanted notification to  their database if you're after something specific.  Here is some bathroom renovation inspiration with stock on Salvo featuring:

Art Deco Modernist side table from The Rub Antique

Royal Venton Ware corner cut loo from Abergavenny Reclamation

Pink Art Deco basin from The Architectural Forum

Hot and Cold taps (and an Edwardian roll top bath) from a private seller

Rare Edwardian cast iron sign from Warehouse 701

Radiac Edwardian oak framed shop display cabinet from Art Furniture

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Miscellanea Discontinued Bathroomware

Broken Bog

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Date Modified: July 05, 2017, 08:24 PM

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