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May 01, 2017, 12:32 PM

Amorosa helps to Find, Fix and Flog It

By Shirley Kay

Filming Find It Fix It Flog It Amorosa

Filming Find It Fix It Flog It Amorosa
Filming Find It Fix It Flog It Amorosa
Filming Find It Fix It Flog It Amorosa

Nottinghamshire, UK - Amorosa are to appear in a future episode of 'Find It, Fix It, Flog It' a Channel 4 television programme, where Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien travel across the UK to find items to fix up and flog for profit. Their aim is to turn unwanted possessions into a good profit for the owners.

Presenter, Simon O'Brien, once a Brookside television soap star and has since been keen to use his handyman skills. He had previously renovated a fifties bicycle, a Victorian kitchen range, and restored a Victorian dolls' house for his daughter. In this new show his skills are now turning trash into treasure with fellow presenter Henry Cole. Henry is a television producer and motorbike fanatic who loves a good rummage to find abandoned treasures.

The first episode was a perfect find for Henry as it took them to a vintage car yard in Buckinghamshire. Here he discovered a Hudson autocycle, a motorbike with an engine and pedals from the early 1900s. Plus a petrol dispenser, once owned by the British racing driver St John Horsfall. But O'Brien finds automotive stuff boring.

The presenters may not agree on what they like to restore but they do agree that reclaiming is not a fad but a lasting trend.

The days filming went well at Amorosa with positive feedback and the presenter's agreed he had so much stuff and normally they maybe be struggling but this time it was hard to know where to start. The film production company apparently can even do a whole series from one yard so they maybe back. And if you have a yard or barn stuffed full of treasures get in touch with the production team by 31st July 2017. Email takepart@yetitelevision dot com

Find It, Fix It, Flog It aired on Channel 4 every weekday afternoon at 2.10pm. So look out for the new series and the Amorosa TV debut.

Amorosa Enterprises who specialise in decorative, salvage, vintage and original items will also be exhibiting at Salvo 2017, the original architectural salvage fair in June.

Amorosa Enterprises

Channel 4: Find It, Fix It Flog It

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