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August 08, 2012, 08:59 PM

American Barns

By Shirley Kay

Barn Frame for reuse [ photo Iowa Barn savers

USA - Mankind's greatest inventions can be said to be the result of individual flashes of inspiration or, as Jonnie Hughes argues, humans could just be hosts for the idea itself. With this theory in mind he ventured to America to discover evidence and one great big (often red) idea that caught his eye were American Barns.

The American Barn has become a quintessential American design yet it is a composite of the German and English barns with a crooked roof like the Dutch houses. Most of the barns were 'raised' by the local community rather than designed by an architect. Many people's ideas will have come together before the final 'barn-raising'. The end result is that no two are exactly alike. They are unique barns but, as Jonnie states, they are all 'the same species'. The ideas came together and created an American icon. This icon has also become an inspiration for art and design.

American barn wood itself, resulting from the modern day dismantling, demolition or deconstruction of unwanted American barns, has now also inspired unique design with reclaimed barn wood. Its rich patina and character from years of weathering makes beautiful floors, panelling and reclaimed furniture.

Iowa Barn Savers advertises on SalvoWeb and maybe able to help. They save historic barns and then do their best to match them up with new owners. In doing so they preserve history and fine old world craftsmanship.

Visit Salvo US for barn wood advertised in For Sale or Recraft section. Also check the Directory for architectural salvage dealers selling barn wood. The excellent idea may even come into your head to buy a complete barn.

Iowa Barn Savers

Independent: Meme theory: Do we come up with ideas oe do they control us?
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