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July 03, 2014, 01:48 PM

1926 glass canopy bath at Antique Bathrooms of Ivybridge

By Ruby Hazael

An unusual 1920s glass canopy bath was dated using a bit of domestic detective work! [photo Antique Bathrooms of Ivybridge

Stewart and Kim are cleaning up in their new showroom in a Marlborough which has been open for six months [photo Antique Bathrooms of Ivybridge and Marlborough!

Wiltshire, UK - Antique Bathrooms of Ivybridge is currently displaying an unusual bath for sale on behalf of a client in their new Marlborough showroom. It was not initially apparent what date the rare glass canopy bath was made.

The clients selling the bath have done a lot of digging around. The bath was installed in the house they bought in 2003. "The family that sold the house to us had lived in the property for fifty years," the clients said. "When they moved to the house in 1953 the bath was already there and it looked as it has been in the house for a long time. We think the bath is from 1926. There are a few reasons why we believe this to be true."

"At the time the central heating was put in, the bathroom in which the glass canopy bath was situated was created. The builders could tell that they were done at the same time. The bathroom walls were tiled in vitrolite glass which was popular or trendy in the 1920s."

"We also discovered big gaps around the pipes which came into the bathroom filled with newspaper and when we removed some of the old tiles we found the voids were filled with newspaper some of which dated back to May 1926."

Kim from Antique Bathrooms said, "The glass canopy bath is 186cm by 82cm long with spoon feet, plunge bath mechanism and shower jets from overhead chrome pipes. The original pipework is intact. It has been previously refurbished, but not by us, so no guarantees. It is operational and ready for immediate delivery. The price is 9995 excluding vat."

For more details call Antique Bathrooms of Ivybridge on 01672 511620.

The man who put Vitrolite on the map - Daniel Sharpe Beebe

Antique Bathrooms Ltd

Antique Bathrooms of Ivybridge: Original Restored Baths

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