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Making oak beams and bronze bells the traditional way

Crafting an oak beam [YouTube

Brabant Brussels, Belgium - The Grimbergen Museum Voor De Oudere Technieken (MOT) holds regular workshops on old building techniques including bell casting and turning roundwood into squared up beams. A video link shows the meth...

Going Zero waste with Kathryn Kellogg and Douglas McMaster

Sentimental minimalist © Going zero waste

California, USA - Zero waste is a philosophy and a lifestyle more and more people are becoming interested in. For those of you who are tempted to dip their toes in the water blogs are a good place to start learning abo...

The Tiny Life tells the tiny house movement like it is

Small house in Portland Oregon

New York, USA - The tiny house movement is an intriguing global trend that blends creativity with practicality. Beyond its vast environmental and financial benefits, it beckons adventures in architectural artistry an...

Reclaim upcycled at Salvo fair 2017

Upcycled mangle wine rack © Beya Fontenay

Oxfordshire, UK - Upcycling has really captured people's hearts in recent years and huge numbers of old items have been saved from landfill and remade into beautiful useful objects. The word itself was originally c...

Vote derogation! Vote reclamation! Vote niche! Vote Tory!

Kent, UK - We wrote to each parliamentary candidate in our constituency to ask what their party's policy in the forthcoming election was on the reuse of reclaimed building materials, citing the Swedish tax relie...

Four pieces we are looking forward to seeing at Salvo Fair

French angel weathervane from exhibitor The Home Bothy

Oxfordshire, UK - What do you get when you cross an angel with a Victorian carriage, a malt trolley wheel and vintage Christian Dior? SALVO 2017 of course.

Art or science? Green design is both high and low tech

Green Design ©CC0 Public Domain

Co Kerry, Ireland (Rep.) - The technological spectrum of green design is wide. Two stories illustrate just how diverse the approach to building environmentally houses has become. Last week the BBC reported about a remote hou...

Upcycle a vintage wedding

Vintage cabinet © Edward Haes

Kent, UK - Vintage and upcycled wedding decoration creates a unique look for any wedding. Old salvaged doors, windows, vintage furniture or accessories will add instant character. Vintage pieces can create a nat...

Salvage decor style guide

Mantels © LJB Arch

Oxfordshire, UK - The White Lace blog gives regular tips on how to make your home more beautiful. Blogger Anne had the classic girly dream of a handsome prince and a family and a house with a picket fence. She has ach...

A reggae fuelled road trip to Vintage Roots at Salvo Fair

Neil & Lance co-founders of Vintage Roots

Oxfordshire, UK - If you love wine, but you are less attached to the sulphites, perhaps in search of vegan or biodynamic wine, then you need to know about the organic wine people, Vintage Roots. The name was derived...

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