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A Controversial Milestone

Cornish milestone © SalvoWEB

Cornwall, UK - Today the word 'milestone' is used to mark notable achievements along the passage of time. Learning to walk. Getting one's driver's license. A big promotion at work. Often forgotten are Europe's o...

James Johnson, mason carver: bankrupt or rescued by the Percy's?

Battlement figure [photo © Arch Heritage

Northumberland, UK - Architectural Heritage has acquired a stone figure of a soldier believed to be from the battlement of Alnwick Castle and carved by James Johnson of Stamfordham, or Stannerton, between 1750 and 1770. ...

SalvoWEB in Artist Residence little black book

Artist Residence Brighton ©Reclaimed Woman

East Sussex, UK - There is a strong temptation to book the literally lived-in look through Airbnb, the global home sharing website, with more listings than the top three hotel chains combined. Millennials and Generati...

Klompenmakerij - traditional clogmaking in Europe

Stacking clog soles in 1938 - note that the leather shoe worn by the stacker [still from Pathe News

Cumbria, UK - In Britain clogs tend to be associated with the Dutch because they kept their clog (or klompen) heritage alive during the 1950s-90s as part of the tourist trade but clogs could be found throughout Eur...

Devil among the tailors, bar skittles or ninepins

Devil amongst the tailors at Olliffs [photo © Salvo

Bristol, UK - Occasionally salvage dealers acquire old pub games such as bar skittles. These seem to have been a favourite in Victorian times or even earlier, possibly as a parlour game. But the strange thing is th...

Fine in the end - the bigger picture for Insitu Manchester

Reclaimed panga panga table set [photo the-saleroom

Greater Manchester, UK - "It was all doom and gloom to start - only five people in the room and a slightly trepidatious auctioneer - but it went fine in the end. Overall the auction lots averaged out at around cost price. You...

Clean eating and a clean slate for the Ned in the City

Malibu Kitchen at The Ned ©Reclaimed Woman

London East, UK - You have to be a member to get beyond the deliberately discrete entrances of other Soho House buildings, but anyone can walk into new London hotel, The Ned. An entrance worth experiencing, the former...

Salvage's role in London's green future

Circular London © LWARB

London West, UK - This summer the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) published a summary of London's Circular Economy Route Map, an ambitious, multi-faceted plan to green London. So what is a circular economy?...

Salvo, electric cars and V2G

Our Nissan Leaf and a Tesla P85 at Salvo Fair - with an electric Thames launch [photo © Salvo

Kent, UK - For the past twelve years I have not owned a car and used trains, buses, car rental and car clubs instead. These are fossil-fuelled, so having vacillated for a couple of years in July 2016 I bought a ...

Friendly Gizmobots to giant upcycled politicobots portend doom?

Alexander Milov 'TIS' [YouTube

Greater Manchester, UK - Mark Haig of Gizmobots brought along a smashing collection of mini robot sculptures for sale at Salvo 2017 made from scrap and found metal objects. They had an amusing ironic quality - non threatening...

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