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Easy ways to update your home

Set of salvaged glass door knobs © Architectural Forum

London North, UK - Simple changes to update your home can make you feel good without the major upheaval of a costly renovation project. Generally the first thing to do would be a really good clean. Then a simple mak...

Amorosa helps to Find, Fix and Flog It

Filming Find It Fix It Flog It © Amorosa

Nottinghamshire, UK - Amorosa are to appear in a future episode of 'Find It, Fix It, Flog It' a Channel 4 television programme, where Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien travel across the UK to find items to fix up and flog for p...

Shining light on the dark side of reclaimed timber

Tropical timber © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

London West, UK - Like it or not, morality is intertwined with consumer choice. Our purchases have real world consequences, and the complex, globalized origins of modern products make being an informed consumer challen...

Salvo fair regular Gary Wallis

© Gary Wallis

Oxfordshire, UK - Gary Wallis is a regular exhibitor at the annual Salvo fair and his pitch always has a diverse selection of wares. His real passion for the salvation, restoration and the preservation of history is an...

Victorian social reformers, open book stacks and garden cities

Lambert's patent shelving for sale at Retrouvius [photo © Retrouvius

Oxfordshire, UK - Arthur Lambert (d1924), William Madgen (1850-1930) and Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) were entrepreneurial social improvers involved in the creation of new public libraries. More recently salvage dealers...

The tall boy behind TallBoy Interiors ready for his first SALVO

Matt Dixon of TallBoy Interiors

West Yorkshire, UK - At 6' 4" and just 19 when he started his business, some may have described Matt Dixon as a tall boy. Coupled with the handy reference to a piece of antique furniture, TallBoy Interiors was born. I i...

Reclaim coastal soul

Antique brass boat propeller © Architectural Forum

Massachusetts, USA - A coastal chic theme can bring a relaxed holiday feel to any interior. Interior designer, Tracey Overbeck Stead has the recipe to reclaim coastal interiors with soul. When she saw the 'Whale' hous...

Book now for Salvo Fair Guide adverts

Oxfordshire, UK - The Salvo Fair guide will be given to thousands of interested visitors to the fair and will also be available online before and after the event where it will be viewed by tens of thousands more. This ...

Terreform ONE stretches the limits of green living

Habitable cricket farm © Terreform ONE

New York, USA - The field of sustainability has a reputation for cutting edge innovation. But no matter what ideas the term brings to your mind, chances are the New York based architectural laboratory Terreform ONE w...

SALVO 2017 Gala Preview in support of Smart Works Charity

Styling session ©Smart Works Charity

London West, UK - A celebration of new starts and fashion reuse, both supporting women and reducing landfill. The SALVO 2017 Gala Preview hosted by Sir William and Lady McAlpine is a chance to shop ahead of the weekend...

Results 21 - 30 of 2953 items found : << Back 3  Next >> 
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